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Alliances & Partnerships


State Tax Advisors provides a complete range of sales and use tax assistance, which enables accounting firms to work independently with their clients and offer a broader range of services. Among our broad range of sales tax services, we are able to help you with:

  • Nexus Studies
  • Taxability determination
  • Voluntary disclosure
  • Multi-state Sales and Use Tax compliance
  • State and local tax audit support and defense


State Tax Advisors strategically aligns with firms whose business philosophies match ours, in order to provide the best state sales and use tax assistance possible.  We believe that these firms offer an unsurpassed quality of service in their specialty areas, which enhances the sales and use tax solutions that we provide to our clients.


Partner Benefits

  • Expand your service offering without adding headcount
  • Leverage our experience with ever-changing state and local tax laws
  • Gain a dedicated team of specialists focused on your client's business