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Where Do I Charge Sales Tax?


A landmark court case South Dakota v. Wayfair overturned the 1992 ruling for Quill Corp. v. North Dakota this week, negating the long-held standard for establishing nexus through physical presence.  What does this mean for your business?

If you are a business that sells a substantial amount of product into a state, you may have created a requirement to charge and remit sales tax in that state, without ever having stepped foot across the state line.

South Dakota contends that making 200 separate transactions into the state, or earning gross revenue of $100,000 from sales within the state creates substantial nexus to make a business liable for charging and remitting sales tax to the state.  The emergence of internet sales over the past 2 decades has changed commerce in such a way that the Supreme Court agrees that the physical presence test is now irrelevant to the ability to create a market.  

Many states have already passed similar provisions which were intentionally scheduled to go into effect over the coming months or immediately pending this decision from the Supreme Court.  At this stage, each state is able set its own standard for establishing economic nexus, which will complicate the ability for any business to know in which markets they have additional compliance requirements.

State Tax Advisors is a team of multi-state tax consultants.  We are available to assist you with any questions you may have, nexus analysis, registrations, tax filings and other compliance issues.  Contact us for a consultation to find out specifically how the changes in our tax environment will affect your business.

STA Announces Reorganization Of Leadership Team


(HOUSTON) – State Tax Advisors, LP, the national sales & use tax advisory firm, announced today the reorganization of its corporate leadership team with a goal of increasing efficiency and better positioning the Firm for strategic growth. This reorganization takes effect immediately.

“In light of changing market conditions, we conducted an intense internal study of our practice and determined that to meet the growing demands of our business, we needed to refresh our core values and behaviors through the reorganization of our leadership team,” said Riley G. Epps, Founder and Managing Partner of State Tax Advisors.

The biggest change in State Tax Advisors’ leadership is the recruitment of subject-matter experts who will support the organizational growth through their specialties in commercial transactions and property taxation. This will be a natural expansion of services for commercial business clients and open greater opportunities for the various sectors that they serve.

In anticipation of this growth, State Tax Advisors built a new office building in 2016. Located at 23740 Woodford Place Drive, the 8,000-square-foot corporate office building off Kingwood Dr. is twenty minutes North of downtown Houston. The new headquarters is situated in a newly developed, exclusive area of Kingwood. Advanced safeguards for data has been added as well as an upgrade to their systems.

“The firm is poised with the financial resources it requires to more efficiently advance a number of its key strategic projects," said Riley G. Epps. "At the same time, we must ensure that we have the appropriate people in key leadership positions to fulfill our unwavering mission to serve our clients ethically and with integrity on our journey to the next level. I believe that the administrative reorganization achieves this objective."

About State Tax Advisors

State Tax Advisors is a privately owned multi-state sales and use, property, and franchise tax advisory service provider. It also offers non-tax advisory services such as: annual reports, contractor or business licensing. The Firm’s historical and current portfolio of clients include multi-national oil & gas firms, industrial manufacturers, construction companies, financial services and small-to-mid-range enterprise firms.

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