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State Tax Advisors provides comprehensive and innovative state and local tax advisory services.  Our team of tax professionals have an entrepreneurial spirit and leverage their collective experiences to provide clients with creative strategies in reducing overall tax liabilities. We take pride in committing ourselves to our clients' best interests.

Riley Epps, Founder & Managing Partner  •  EMAILriley-epps

Riley has over 25 years of experience in state and local tax consulting. Riley formed State Tax Advisors in 2002 after building and selling his previous firm, R.G. Epps & Co. Prior to that, he was instrumental in the development of Deloitte’s state and local tax practice from 1989 – 1994, in Houston, Texas. Riley is also a speaker for various associations and organizations like the AGC, CFMA, and CPA firms in the area of state and local tax.

Riley has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. Both degrees were earned from the University of Houston. A sports fanatic, Riley was a one-time member of the Texas Rangers’ professional baseball team; and he enjoys participating in local charity golf tournaments.


Todd Filo, Partner  •  EMAILtodd-filo

Todd's experience includes audit management and support, taxability research, vendor management, nexus determination, voluntary disclosure, multi-state sales and uses tax reporting and return preparation outsourcing.

Todd has worked extensively in, and led projects focused on, a wide variety of industries. In addition he has specialized knowledge in aviation and excise fuel taxes and predominant use studies.

Prior to joining State Tax Advisors, Todd worked in engineering and financial management. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.

Carrie Nebgen, Partner  •  EMAILcarrie-nebgen

Carrie's wide ranging experience in state and local tax includes audit management, nexus studies, amnesty and voluntary disclosure programs, taxability research, acquisition due diligence and return preparation outsourcing. In addition, Carrie has extensive experience in state Income/Franchise Tax. Her clients experience covers a broad range of industry from entertainment to refinery and manufacturing companies.

Carrie has a B.S in Accounting from The University of Houston, Clear Lake and her prior experience is in retail banking.


Jerry Pennington, Senior Knowledge Specialist  •  EMAILjerry-pennington

The most tenured employee with the company, Jerry has played a unique and varied role in helping the company grow and thrive. His state and local tax experiences include, among others, audit support, taxability studies, and nexus determinations.

Upon completion of his studies at Texas A & M, Jerry joined Texaco as a technical systems specialist. This experience was instrumental in developing our return preparation and compliance outsourcing practice. Jerry played a key role in selecting and implementing the tax return software for State Tax Advisors. Prior to that, he had responsibility for ensuring all client returns were correctly prepared manually. More recently, Jerry expanded his role by assuming responsibility for managing our taxability research projects.