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State Tax Advisors Is The Texas Sales Tax Exemption Experts

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Outsourcing our sales and use tax compliance to State Tax Advisors has given our employees the time to focus on what’s important: Our business.

I have the best accountants in the world, but not even they have time to keep up with the constantly changing tax codes in all the states, and that’s where State Tax Advisors come in.

State Tax Advisors has helped us avoid many of the state and local tax headaches associated with running a multistate corporation. Having the experts in our corner has given us an advantage over our competitors.

State Tax Advisors is your source for expert Texas sales tax exemption consulting

Is your company taking full advantage of the Texas sales tax exemption policies? Has your company created tax liabilities as a result of accepting invalid Texas sales tax exemption certificates? If you do not know the answers to these questions or have any questions regarding state and local tax, State Tax Advisors can help. We provide an array of sales tax consulting services.

The Texas tax law does not only have provisions allowing sales tax exemptions to non-profit, charitable, educational, political and religious organizations. The law also extends sales tax exemptions to for-profit companies such as fabricators, manufactures, processors and others. Knowing how to properly structure purchases is an extremely important aspect of qualifying for a Texas sales tax exemption. State Tax Advisors has the knowledge and experience to guide our clients and help create procedures that will allow them to take complete advantage of the ever-changing tax code and all available exemptions.

It is equally important that vendors who supply products to tax exempt customers are working with an experienced tax firm, like State Tax Advisors. Our clients, who sell products to their sales tax exempt customers, depend on our expertise to ensure the sales tax exemption certificates they receive, in lieu of tax, are valid. Accepting an invalid or inaccurate Texas sales tax exemption certificate, from a customer, will create liabilities for the vendor. Maintaining current and valid sales tax exemption certificates that support non-taxed sales is an important part of managing liabilities. We work with many clients, in a wide variety of fields, and have the expert experience needed to validate a Texas sales tax exemption certificate and assist our clients in creating procedures that will ensure all required certificates are accurately maintained.

Sales tax laws and sales tax exemptions are constantly changing. Staying up-to-date with the constantly changing sales tax laws and exemptions is just one of many ways State Tax Advisors can assist your company with taking full advantage of all available sales tax exemptions.

State Tax Advisors is a multi-state, full-service, state and local tax firm with expertise in a wide range of areas. We provide sales tax consulting, sales and use tax audit defense, complete to partial sales tax compliance outsourcing and many more state and local tax services. For additional information about how we can help you, please contact our experts today.