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As a business owner, you have probably discovered that sales and use tax compliance is a recurring, resource draining, and extremely monotonous function. The administrative burden alone challenges the internal resources of any  business; big and small.  Furthermore, states are becoming increasingly aggressive in their collection of taxes, leaving many companies facing costly audits.

How are your resources effectively handling this load?
Do they have the right expertise?

Given the ever-changing nature of sales tax, there is little strategic benefit for a company to dedicate experienced tax personnel to the recurring monthly compliance process.

At State Tax Advisors, we have vast experience with providing uniquely tailored tax compliance services. Our services will reduce your risk and improve your controls with our customized solutions and state-of-the-art technology. In the event of an audit, we can be your liaison and your defense, representing you and protecting your interests through the entire process.

Our industry specialization includes:
• Manufacturing/Processing
• Oil & Gas/Energy
• Contractors
• Transportation
• Service Providers
• Wholesale/Distribution
• Retail

Partnering with State Tax Advisors enables your company to focus on what really matters:
Value-added business activities.

Current News...

How Will the Economic Nexus Sweep Across the Nation?

[Posted 15 Feb 2013 by State Tax Advisors]

States want to know whether out-of-state businesses should pay in-state taxes on sales, property and payroll. The state government in Washington has the most specific laws regarding the topic of economic nexus. A nexus is a connection, and in this case it is an economic connection between a business and its customers. States want the extra money that these nexus would provide, but the exact laws are difficult to write.

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Receive Expert Sales Tax Audit Defense from State Tax Advisors

State Tax Advisors provides accurate and professional sales tax audit defense services to our clients. Our team of experienced professionals will take the time to learn about your individual business so they can provide a tailored service that will lower your risk and improve the outcome of a sales tax audit. Our experts will represent and protect your interests throughout the entire process.

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For Professional and Reliable Sales Tax Help, Trust State Tax Advisors

Trust State Tax Advisors with all of your sales tax help needs. Our expert tax professionals will ensure your business is compliant and taking advantage of the ever-changing tax laws. Burdening your in-house employees with continuously monitoring changes to compliance requirements and the tax code can hinder their productivity and your bottom line. Give your company the advantage of allowing State Tax Advisors to be your full-service state and local tax firm.

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For Expert Sales Tax Consulting, Trust State Tax Advisors

State Tax Advisors is an experienced sales tax consulting firm that will ensure your state and local taxes are managed correctly. A key to maintaining a compliant and profitable company is abiding by and properly leveraging state and local tax laws. As state and local jurisdictions are searching for ways to increase revenue, they are even more aggressively pursing audits. Now, more than ever, it is important to have your interests protected by the experts at State Tax Advisors. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you.

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State Tax Advisors Can Manage All of Your Sales Tax Compliance Needs

Taking steps to ensure your company maintains sales tax compliance is extremely important to maintaining a profitable business. State Tax Advisors is a provider of sales and use tax compliance outsourcing solutions to companies across the country. Give your company the advantage of allowing State Tax Advisors to be your full-service state and local tax compliance firm. By employing the most knowledgeable experts and utilizing state-of-the-art software, we will ensure your company’s compliance.

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Did You Know?

august_newsletter_map There are more than 30,000 state and local tax jurisdictions in the United States. More than 7,500 of these jurisdictions impose their own sales and use tax - each with a different rate, and different definitions of taxable goods and services. Even more jurisdictions impose additional income/franchise taxes, property taxes and more.
State Tax Advisors can help you
easily navigate the difficult
maze of sales and use tax accross all of these jurisdictions.

State Tax Advisors in the News


State Tax Advisors president Riley Epps has been featured in several publications, including the May 2009 edition of Accounting Technology Magazine.

The article, "All Their Nexus Ain't in Texas," by Alexandra DeFelice, was titled after a State Tax Advisors training course of the same name.

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